Friday, July 31, 2009

One that got away . . .

We vowed not to let it happen this year. Vigilance! That’s what it would take to make sure we found them in the stage we enjoy them. We would perform an inspection everyday to make sure we were on top of our inventory.
Needless to say, determination does not count for much. Here is what Hubby found this morning. . . one that got away, the clever little demon . . . lurking sneakily in the camouflage of its mother-ship.

So now the question is: compost or bread? Maybe I will become a kitchen chemist with the aid of baking powder, cinnamon, flour, eggs and milk to transform this overgrown surprise into a delectable dish. It’s in the 60s today, at this writing, after a record-breaking 103 degrees on Wednesday, so warming up the kitchen for an hour shouldn't be too painful.


Anonymous said...

I nearly gag when someone proudly gives me the biggest zucchini from their garden. When they are just out of sight I immediately I dump it in the garbage can. However, if given me zucchini blossoms I will swoon with delight. They are simply heavenly stuffed with goat cheese, basil and dipped in egg batter and gently fried.
Good luck making zucchini bread - another lovely way of disguising it.

Ginny NiCarthy said...

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