Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkins-on-Pikes, Northwest Version

Inspired by Matt Glerum's Pumpkins-on-Pikes party recently held in Marin County (his 17th such event), we created a mini version (a mere five jack-o-lanterns impaled on pikes, compared to his 150 plus) in our side yard. We're calling it Mini-PoP. With two flickering electric tea-lights to illuminate them all night long, these faces look better the darker it gets. (His pumpkins have real tea-lights inside, which make them burn brighter, but ours don't burn out.) Without a timed exposure, the camera cannot capture the magic. But . . . you get the idea.


Unknown said...

How did you make the pikes?

beatstalkingtomyself said...

Pound a long nail into a 4" suare of plywood (or equivalent), then attach it (with a second nail) to the blunt end of a pointed stake. The point of the long nail faces up. After the stake is set in place, the jack-o-lantern gets pushed through the nail, which keeps it from falling off the stake.

Unknown said...

Thanks! I'm going to try to do this for my ranch's halloween party ( I'll post pics if we manage it :)