Monday, January 9, 2012

Bloggin' and sloggin' into the new year

The year 2012 marks the third calendar year of this blog. Although I’ve slowed down in terms of postings, I’m enjoying it far too much to let it disappear. My goal is to add something approximately once a week . . . let’s hope I can stick to my intentions.

From the beginning, I’ve carried links on my blog to blogs written by friends and relatives. I’ve done this because it’s friendly, fun, and a professional courtesy to my fellow bloggers. Some of the blogs, however, have gone dormant, prompting me to remove links. I hope a short sabbatical will refresh those who are sagging from the responsibility of  researching and/or writing informative, entertaining, and amusing blogs. But those blogs that remain--I salute!

I’m guessing very few blogs in the world are updated daily, as my cousin Margie’s is with MargsPets. Her diligence in animal rescue efforts has triggered hundreds of fans and followers. Her prolific postings and often humorous pictures elicit daily comments in the dozens from people all over the country.

BigMatty is written by a former boss who was a particularly knowledgeable and competent superior (I didn’t have a lot of that kind, believe me). Now I’m finding him to be an exceptionally gifted blog host. His writing and photography talents focus on travel, food, and drink, which make delightful vicarious enjoyment for stay-at-home readers.  

Forty-Mama's author is connected to me in a deep and dear way, but to say more, would be to reveal her identity, which she chooses to keep private. Her blog was the inspiration for my blog, because I thought, “If someone, who is as busy as she, can do it, so can I!” Lately she’s slowed down the posts—not surprising, given the age of her children and her busy professional life.

The newest blog linked to mine, Around Puget Sound & Beyond, deserves the attention of all residents of the Puget Sound area. Originally, I added the link because was a start-up by a former neighbor and one-time house sitter of ours. But it’s so fresh and fun, it seems destined to become a local treasure. I hope you’ll check it out and talk it up. This is a blog that deserves regional attention.  I—who have lived in this area 80 percent of my life—am astonished at how many places nearby that I’ve never even heard about.

Last year I coined the term, “blogged down,” which is self-explanatory. I recently read that of the millions of blogs currently written in the U.S., about half of them fold within six months.

Hats off to those who persevere.   

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