Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sorry you can't see them, but . . .

two river otters swam by this morning, among the few inhabitants of our neighborhood who appear to be  enjoying the icy rain that is currently coating the snow cover. Seattle has made the national news with an atypical winter storm that's messing up traffic, business, and attitude. I feel so lucky to be retired and relatively unfazed by this weather-event, but I do remember vividly the amount of angst a storm like this one caused me in my working days. Work can be hard enough; getting to and fro shouldn't make it twice as difficult.

On the plus side is the amount of attention we've received from far-away offspring and relatives. "Are you OK?"  "Warm enough?"  "Keeping dry?"

Yes, we're fine. The snow even gave us an excuse to dip into the hot chocolate mix, a holiday gift from my niece, Kate. Oh, and yesterday it gave us an excuse to whip up a batch of chocolate scones that our friends, Kay and Sandy, gave us for Christmas. So when the storm disappears . . . and the sun comes out, the temperature warms up, the ice melts, the snow turns into water whooshing down the storm sewers . . . Hubby and I will still be fat and happy, like our friends, the river otters.

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