Monday, January 30, 2012

Remember Doogie Howser?

Recently I was talking to an old friend (old in both senses: duration and age) who was bemoaning—as oft we ‘old folk’ do—about the relative youth and inexperience of many of his healthcare providers.
As a case in point, he told me about a recent incident in which he needed to be seen at his clinic after he fell. He made a same-day appointment with a Physician Assistant.

He swears this story is true:

"When the Physician Assistant came in to examine me, she spied the large birthmark on my shin."

 Physician Assistant:    "Oo-o-oh, what’s that?"

 Old Friend:                 "It’s a birthmark."

 Physician Assistant:   "Hm-m. How long have you had it?"


Anonymous said...

You gave me a hoot for the day, Sallie.

lalimaulmen said...

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